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T shirt design for the band Matt and Kim | Iain Burke
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How do you feel about people getting your work tattooed on themselves?


I’ve seen several people with tattoos of my work. It’s happened a few times without my permission, so that’s not super cool. But if you ask ahead of time I’m probably fine with it! I’d just ask for a high quality photo of the piece.

Also: I am an artist for a living, it’s how I pay my bills. If you’re interested in getting my work tattooed on your rockin’ bod. Maybe consider commissioning me for an original design? That way we both win.



  1. Wipe the drool out of my mustache
  2. Immediately spill whiskey on my chin.

I am so sorry but I just queued about 100 of your post because your site and work is really amazing. I'm very excited I stumbled upon this tonight!

Haha, thank you so much! You’ve got a pretty rad blog yourself.

Stay spooky.

New prints coming soon!

Vintage body image problems a la 1870’s tabloids.

Thanks to @_black_dog for buying some of my art! Come by the #roeblingfair hosted by @thecottoncandymachine and buy some rad work for your walls.


X-ray specs, Carrie Witherell

Hi I am the person who did the three legged raven-post/89717061801 .When I originally posted it, I had my credits with the artwork but someone removed them and now my artwork is being reblogged without credits and people think it is copyright free, it is a copyrighted image. Could you please add a credit: - by Larry Vienneau Jr Thanks

Of course! All too often I come across my own work with no source. Thank you for getting in touch.


When Highnosaurs Ruled the Earth