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Image from page 84 of “Animal Life and the World of Nature; A magazine of Natural History” (1902) (by Internet Archive Book Images)

Image from page 865 of “A treatise on concrete, plain and reinforced : materials, construction, and design of concrete and reinforced concrete; 2nd ed.” (1912) (by Internet Archive Book Images)

Image from page 327 of “Narrative of a voyage to the Polar Sea during 1875-6 in H.M. ships ‘Alert’ and ‘Discovery’” (1878) (by Internet Archive Book Images)

Image from page 36 of “The ideal cook book” (1902) (by Internet Archive Book Images)


A history of British mammals ; By Barrett-Hamilton, Gerald Edwin Hamilton, 1871-1914 on Flickr.

Publication info London :Gurney and Jackson,1910-1921.
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Image from page 115 of “General guide to the exhibition halls of the American Museum of Natural History” (1911)

Image from page 87 of “Ocean wonders: a companion for the seaside” (1879) (by Internet Archive Book Images)

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one of the best skull pics i have ever seen. anyone know the artist?


Cover Image Detail: Fantastic Novels Magazine March 1949. Illustration: Virgil Finlay.